New opportunities for extruders


Removable protective films (e.g., pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)) are regarded as highly promising products. They can be used to provide optimal protection for valuable coated surfaces throughout all the stages of processing.

Today's mobile entertainment electronics would be almost inconceivable without PSAs. Levamelt® adhesive raw materials make it much more cost-effective to manufacture such devices.

Previously, self-adhesive protective films were produced using a comparatively complicated multi-stage process. The conventional production method usually begins with films which are subjected to intensive surface treatment and, in a second step, provided or dispersed adhesives.

Adhesive raw materials from the Levamelt® family significantly simplify this process. Thanks to their wide range of processing options, they can be processed using the cost-effective co-extrusion method so that the time-consuming coating step is no longer required. Layer thicknesses of as little as five micrometers provide durable and reliable tack. Layer thicknesses of up to 20 micrometers increase the shear forces by a factor of three.
One particularly useful aspect for the user is the fact that co-extrusion creates adhesive coatings with highly standardized film thicknesses. This also facilitates removal of the film.

At a glance:

  • Ideal adhesive raw material for removable protective films
  • Co-extrusion method used for processing
  • Conventional manufacturing process for protective films significantly simplified
  • Even removal thanks to highly standardized film thicknesses
  • Reliable adhesion at coating thicknesses of between only 5 and 20 micrometers