Low tack is high-tech!


Levamelt® raw materials offer reliable adhesive strength even when thinly applied. They are hard-wearing and exhibit durable adhesion, yet can be removed easily - opening up a whole new world of opportunities for processors

The name Levamelt® covers a broad range of high-end materials which ARLANXEO has developed for an extraordinarily wide spectrum of applications. These versatile adhesive raw materials can also be easily combined with each other. Moreover, they offer optimal compatibility with a wide range of other polymers from polyethylene (PE) through to polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This modular adhesive raw material system ensures optimal adhesion at all times for almost any surface. Levamelt® can be used to manufacture strong film laminations and protective films which can be removed with minimal force and without leaving any scratches or residue.

Levamelt® has a further advantage when it is used to produce these types of films. Thanks to its thermoplastic characteristics, Levamelt® represents an ideal material both for "typical" adhesive processors as well as extruders. The Levamelt® grades from ARLANXEO can also be used for demanding tasks which would be well beyond most other adhesive raw materials. For example, in applications where removable advertising stickers need to remain in place over a period of years in all weathers, they can still be removed years later without damaging the surface or leaving any residues. Due to the fact that Levamelt® formulations can also be manufactured where required without plasticizers, there is no chance of the surface being contaminated by these additives. This means that the sticker can be removed without leaving any residue. Low tack is high-tech!

Levamelt® is good for more than just "superficial" problem solutions. Levamelt® is able to provide thermoplastic materials with improved impact strength or PVC with greater elasticity without the drawbacks of traditional plasticizers. Levamelt® turns polymers into usable materials!

At a glance:

  • Adhesion can be matched to a range of surfaces
  • Excellent compatibility with a wide variaty of substrates
  • Residue-free removal
  • Suitable for cost-effective co-extrusion
  • Robust, durable and weather-resistant
  • Plasticizer-free


In accordance with ISO 1043-1: 1987, the abbreviation E/VAC is to be used for thermoplastics. The abbreviation EVA is also frequently found.